A one-minute profile of VanDrie Group

In one minute we'll give you a clear picture of the VanDrie Group. Who are we? What do we do? Why is there veal? How are the calves kept? Is there a food safety program?


The VanDrie Group

The Dutch-owned VanDrie Group is not only the world market leader in veal, but also a company built on the best family traditions. It was in the early 1960s that Jan van Drie purchased his first newborn calf for fattening. Today, with more than 25 companies, the group is the largest integrated veal producer in the world and thereby the global market leader in veal and the largest producer of calf milk.

Monitored by Safety Guard, a unique integral chain management system, approximately 1.4 million calves are processed each year, more than 95% of which are exported all around the world. The VanDrie Group satisfies approximately 28% of European demand for veal.


Top chef Huub Oudshoorn in The Dutch Culinary House Sirha

Top chef Huub Oudshoorn in The Dutch Culinary House Sirha. Demonstration with veal...

Fair Sirha starts

The fair Sirha in Lyon is in full swing. The VanDrie Group is present with a stand....

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