T. Boer & zn.

This company began as a family business in 1885. Now, more than a century later, it has grown into one of the world’s largest veal slaughterhouses. It is also the only veal slaughterhouse in the Netherlands with a royal distinction, that of appointment to the court or Hofleverancier.

Every year, some 400 employees process more than 400,000 calves originating from the VanDrie Group’s controlled, integrated chain. T. Boer & Zn exports veal to more than 60 countries worldwide. The slaughtering, deboning and scalded products processes take place at location EG34. A second location, EG939, was constructed in 2001 to enable the smooth and rapid logistical processing of the flows of fresh veal. It is at EG939 that the veal is further processed according to customers’ specific wishes for cuts, and that consumer products are finished.

The customers are wholesalers and the meat processing industry, supermarket chains, cash & carry firms and caterers. T. Boer & zn falls under the VanDrie Group’s programme for food security, Safety Guard.


T. Boer & zn has its website with information about the company and its work.

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