Marketing & Promotion

Stimulating demand

Veal originated as part of the commercial utilisation of by-products from dairy farming. After all, cows do not produce milk unless they calve annually. Veal is now a valued delicacy that is in demand in countless countries. This is due in no small part to the marketing efforts of the VanDrie Group. These efforts continue to this day. After all, the demands of customers are continually increasing in number and variety and they often differ from one country to another. The VanDrie Group’s integration concept not only closely follows market developments, it also encourages it in product development, logistics and service. 

Exports to more than 60 countries

With Europe as its most important sales market, the VanDrie Group exports its end product, veal, as well as calf milk powder, to more than 60 countries around the world. Within a few hours or a few days of ordering, customers have what they want. Careful delivery by land, sea and air is guaranteed, partly by the VanDrie Group’s own transport network. Veal is delivered according to the customer’s wishes as carcasses or cuts, fresh or frozen products, vacuum-packed in boxes or crates for butchers and consumers.

Product information

It’s fine structure and refined flavour, makes veal is a valued delicacy. It is also easily digestible and highly nutritious. It thereby meets all the requirements of critical chefs and consumers around the world. The VanDrie Group Marketing & Communication department’s job is to bring the special qualities of controlledquality veal to the attention of European consumers in every possible way. This includes in-store promotions, recipe development and promotional events. Many activities involve cooperation with retail chains, upmarket restaurants and training centres for meat and nutrition.

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