Zoogamma in Italy is entirely specialised in calf milk powder, colostrum and basic dairy product production. Calf milk production in Ghedi in northern Italy is subject to strict controls and is based on the VanDrie Group fundamentals. Zoogamma is Italy’s largest producer of calf milk powder for calves.

A strong team of specialists advises Zoogamma customers on how to achieve the best feed results. Zoogamma also boasts its own integral veal production in Italy. The company contracts with Italian veal farmers and supplies feed from its factory at Ghedi. The calves are sold to Italian slaughterhouses and Zoogamma is also a basic dairy product producer.

Zoogamma has built a new factory at Casalbuttano for the concentration and drying of whey products from the Italian cheese industry. Zoogamma’s subsidiary Conxentra in the province of Mantua focuses on whey concentrate production.

Own website

Zoogamma has its own website with information about the company and its work.

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