Schils specialises in the development and sale of milk replacement products for young animals such as calves, lambs and piglets. Schils has a modern production facility responding to the diversity of market demand. Products are exported under the Schils brand, as well as private labels, to more than 50 countries worldwide.

Schils is the European market leader in the private-label products sector. In Italy, Kalmi sells milk for rearing calves and rumen protected fats to distributors in the dairy industry. Schils operates in southern Germany and in Belarus with sales organisations under the name of Inntaler. In France, Vals’ advisory and sales team supports customers in veal farming and dairy farming. Eurolat, Schils’ spray-drying tower in Germany manufactures products including whey fat concentrates and milk powders to serve as raw materials for the processing of calf milk powder in both the Netherlands and Italy. Schils Food exports blends of dairy products to the food industry worldwide.

Own website

Schils, Kalmi and Inntaler have its own website with information about the company and its work.

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