All calf skins from the VanDrie Group are processed by Oukro. This state-of-the-art factory at Apeldoorn in the east of the Netherlands processes 1,400,000 calf skins annually and supplies customers in Europe and East Asia. Oukro is by far the world’s largest calf skin supplier. Calf leather is an elegant luxury product extremely suited to the production of premier shoes, clothing and fashion accessories.

Renowned fashion brands process Oukro’s calf skins into top products with an international allure. Oukro works together with its customers regarding sustainable solutions. For instance, Oukro started the trend of supplying unsalted as well as salted calf skins. The company has a new production facility that enables it to supply skins fresh and chilled.

Own website

Ekro has its own website with information about the company and its work.

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