Van Drie

Van Drie This prominent part of the business purchases and selects newborn calves and is responsible for the VanDrie Group’s entire veal farming chain. Nearly 500 veal farmers who are signed up with the VanDrie Group receive advice from Van Drie specialists in the area of animal healthcare, stall configuration and feed rationing. These consultants ensure the strict application of VanDrie Group Safety Guard guidelines at the group’s veal farms.

The research & development department works on the latest developments in feed composition and stall configuration, and high on the list of priorities are improvements in animal welfare.

The VanDrie Group has a significant interest in veal farming in Belgium as well. Van Drie Kalverhouderij enters into agreements with the Belgian veal farmers who raise calves for the domestic Belgian market. Van Drie has its own website with information about the company and its work.


Van Drie has its website with information about the company and its work.

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