Calfskin processor Oukro makes sustainability progress

Oukro is installing 1,578 solar panels and will have one of the largest roof mounted systems in the Netherlands. More


Fit Calf (Vitaal Kalf): a new quality system for the Dutch veal farming sector

Since 2017, the Dutch veal farming sector has been using a new quality system: Fit Calf (Vitaal Kalf). This system serves to replace the old IKB Veal chain system. More


Quality thanks to Tracking and Tracing

Our buyers have to be able to rely on the quality and safety of our veal products and we provide those guarantees by way of our quality system Safety Guard. It safeguards food safety, animal welfare, the responsible use of antibiotics and environmental management across the... More


Chain management: the foundation of success

The VanDrie Group is the global market leader in the field of veal, (calf) feed and calfskins. But this leading position didn’t just fall into their laps. Chain management within the VanDrie Group is the foundation of its success.  More


The VanDrie Group renews its CSR policy

Since 2006, the VanDrie Group has actively published the results of its Corporate Social Responsibility policy. A decade later, that policy is as solid as a rock. But this global market leader in the field of veal, (calf) feed and calfskins is not one to rest on its laurels and... More


The VanDrie Group welcomes trade agreement with Japan.

EU agreement with Japan provides opportunities for veal sales. More


VanDrie Group serves veal burger breakfast to kick-off the Green Week

German Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture visits global veal leader at IGW More


Henny Swinkels Sixth in the AgriTop 50

Recently, the Boerderij trade journal published its annual AgriTop 50. This ranking classifies the country's most important agricultural administrators according to various factors, including the influence they have through their supervising board memberships and the size of the... More


The VanDrie Group fully adopts the COV's future ambitions

The COV (Dutch Central Organisation for the Meat Sector) has published a report detailing in broad strokes the future ambitions of the Dutch meat sector from now until 2025. Henny Swinkels, Director Corporate Affairs VanDrie Group, gave a keynote speech during the event.  More


VanDrie Group launches JAN as first of its kind at Hanos

New convenience brand becomes available for the Dutch foodservice market. More


VanDrie Group highest listed family company on Transparency Benchmark

VanDrie Group receives high national recognition for CSR policy.  More


JAN: the VanDrie Group’s new convenience brand

The VanDrie Group is committed to the growth of convenience products. Apeldoorn – At the SIAL international food exhibition in Paris, the VanDrie Group launched JAN, its new brand of convenience products. The brand includes products such as the veal burger and pulled veal.... More


First Delivery of Dutch Veal to the USA

On Friday, a container of veal supplied by the VanDrie Group was released for export to the United States of America, in the presence of Euro commissioner Phil Hogan and Dutch Minister Martijn van Dam at the Port of Rotterdam. It was an important shipment; for the first time... More


VanDrie Group provides tempting veal breakfast

Delicacies for ministers on tour at International Green Week Berlin More


Henny Swinkels receives French order

During a celebratory reception in the French Embassy last Friday, French Ambassador Laurent Pic presented Henny Swinkels with the Order of Agriculture Merit, in recognition of him becoming a Knight in the French Order of Agricultural Merit. Swinkels was nominated by the French... More


Dutch Veal Tasting Event in Tokyo

A Dutch veal tasting event was held at the Dutch embassy in Tokyo today at the invitation of ambassador Mr. Radinck J. van Vollenhoven in cooperation with the world market leader in veal, the VanDrie Group and Scelta Mushrooms. Both companies will participate in the... More


Top chef Huub Oudshoorn in the Dutch Culinary House Sirha

Top chef Huub Oudshoorn in The Dutch Culinary House Sirha. Demonstration with veal tongue, sweetbread and sirloin. More


Fair Sirha starts

The fair Sirha in Lyon is in full swing. The VanDrie Group is present with a stand. The fair takes place from 24 to 28 January in Eurexpo Lyon. In 2013 the fair was visited by 185,500 professionals looking for new trends.  More


Guaranteed through integration

All companies in the VanDrie Group are for 100% aware of their responsibility for optimum quality in the products to be supplied. This is true of the livestock farm, the calf feed production and the meat companies. We work together to offer that guarantee to the end user. This... More


VanDrie Group joined State visit to Japan and South Korea

The Japanese Government has invited King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima for a State visit to Japan from October 29th to 31st 2014. After that visit the delegation traveled to South Korea. On behalf of the VanDrie Group, Mr Henny Swinkels... More


Schils Oxi Plus

Schils BV introduces the “Schils Oxi Plus” concept in Calf Milk Replacer worldwide at Eurotier 2014.  More


Schils BV introduces “Schils Omega Plus” in calf milk replacers

During EuroTier 2012, Schils will introduce a new concept for adding to calf milk replacers: “Schils Omega Plus”. By applying a new technology, the possibility was created to implement the well known advantages of vegetable Omega-3 fatty acids into calf milk replacers. More

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