VanDrie Group signs COV Code of Conduct

The Dutch meat sector organisation COV has introduced its own code of conduct for the Dutch meat sector. The VanDrie Group, which is a member of this organisation, has signed this code of conduct. This underlines the importance of appropriate conduct and correct procedures with respect to animal welfare, food safety and product integrity.

An important part of the COV Code of Conduct is that businesses ensure that animals are treated with respect and that animal welfare rules are observed. If employees notice any abuses, they can report these to the animal welfare officer or to a confidential counsellor on the basis of this COV Code. As laid down in the code, the VanDrie Group will report at least once a year on activities aimed at guaranteeing food safety and product integrity. The VanDrie Group will do this in its annual report on Corporate Social Responsibility.  Henny Swinkels (Director Corporate Affairs), who has signed the COV Code of Conduct on behalf of the VanDrie Group, indicates that the code will boost confidence in the meat sector and combat unacceptable behaviour. He explains, “The Code of Conduct is a guideline for all meat producers, from primary production businesses to retail. We believe it is a good thing that COV has developed this code. In recent years there have been several food-related incidents in the Netherlands and abroad. If you want to be a reliable producer that enjoys the trust of the market, you have to display impeccable conduct. The systems within the businesses have to be structured in such a way that employees are not afraid to report irregularities and that subsequent action is taken. The COV Code of Conduct reinforces the self-regulatory capacity of the meat sector.” The contents of the COV Code of Conduct can be found here.  Read here what the VanDrie Group does with respect to food safety and product integrity. 

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