VanDrie Group considers disclosure of control data as a good initiative

On Wednesday, 29 August 2018, the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) published the control data of large red meat slaughterhouses under permanent supervision. As a result of this disclosure, there is now one single overview of the NVWA’s control results at major slaughterhouses.

The publication includes, among other things, the results of the calf slaughterhouses of the VanDrie Group. The VanDrie Group considers the disclosure of the control data to be a good initiative, which is in line with its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies. The veal producer has been publishing data about issues such as recalls in its CSR report for years now.  Transparency with respect to production, food quality and animal welfare is essential to retain the trust of consumers and clients. In addition, the publication enables a comparison of the results of the various slaughterhouses.  Producing safe veal and guaranteeing quality throughout the chain is the main objective of the VanDrie Group. The calf slaughterhouses of the group work hard at that on a daily basis. The publication shows that the results of the VanDrie Group slaughterhouses are good. Nonetheless, the calf slaughterhouses will continue to focus on further optimisation and quality safeguards.

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