The VanDrie Group talks to: Aldrik Gierveld

Director of European Agricultural and Fisheries Policy and Food Safety, and Deputy Director-General for Agriculture and Nature at the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, Aldrik Gierveld gave us an interview about Corporate Social Responsibility.

WHAT DOES THE VEAL SECTOR MEAN FOR DUTCH FOOD PRODUCTION AND DUTCH FOREIGN TRADE? “Veal production is primarily linked to dairy production in the Netherlands. It’s the calves, especially the young bulls, from dairy farming that are fattened up and ultimately slaughtered. The connection between those two sectors is an important factor within our food production. A large proportion of the veal is exported. We are able to serve our markets effectively with our products. That’s really nice, but at the same time we should look at the bigger challenges – including those relating to corporate social responsibility – faced by both the sector and also the Dutch government.” WHAT SHOULD THE PRIORITY BE IN THE MEAT INDUSTRY IN GENERAL? “Use of antibiotics in the animal sector is having an impact on the sensitivity of bacteria to antibiotics. If an animal is ill, there needs to be a veterinary reason to use medicines. A global reduction of over 60% has already been achieved in the use of antibiotics in the meat sector as a whole, but we can do even better. We need to prevent a situation where we can no longer use certain medicines on people because bacteria have become resistant to antibiotics.” You can read the complete interview here. 

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