VanDrie Group partner of Agricultural Entrepreneur of the Year

The Agricultural Entrepreneur of the Year is the most prestigious award in the agricultural sector. The organisation of the awards is in the hands of Reed Business Information, publishers of specialist journals and websites such... More

VanDrie Group meets the Dutch minister of Agriculture on the International Green Week in Berlin

[Translate to English:] Bij de stand van de VanDrie Group op de IGW begroetten Henny Swinkels (Director Corporate Affairs van de VanDrie Group) en chef-kok Edgar Buhrs de Nederlandse minister van Landbouw Carola Schouten.

Berlin, January 19, 2018 - During the International Green Week, agriculture minister Carola Schouten and her German colleague Christian Schmidt met at Henny Swinkels (director corporate affairs) at the VanDrie Group stand. Chef... More

Responsible transportation of calves

Together with our stakeholders, the VanDrie Group believes it is very important that calves are handled with due care and attention. This is especially important if they have to be transported over long distances. We demand this... More

Focus on the chain: testing and lab work

Guaranteeing food safety is an important objective for the VanDrie Group. Our veal has to be safe as well as delicious.  More

Director-General from the Ministry of Agriculture visits the VanDrie Group

On Friday 15 December 2017, Marjolijn Sonnema, the Director-General for Agro and Nature at the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality (LNV), paid a visit to the VanDrie Group. This working visit was made to the... More

Focus on the chain: the dairy farm

Although the dairy farm is not an integral part of our operations, it remains and important link in the chain. We purchase calves from dairy farmers that cannot be used to replace, or supplement, members of the dairy herd. We... More

Focus on the chain: calf feed production

An important link in our chain is formed by our seven calf feed businesses: Alpuro, Navobi, Schils, Tentego, Zoogamma, Kalmi Italia and Inntaler. Our companies are located in the Netherlands, Italy and Germany. For our calves,... More

Focus on the chain: buying calves

We purchase calves from dairy farmers that cannot be used to replace, or supplement, members of the dairy herd. We acquire calves once they are 14 days old, or older. The calves are purchased through our company Van Drie B.V.  More

VanDrie Group accompanies Euro Commissioner Hogan to Saudi Arabia

Led by Phil Hogan, the Euro Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development, an EU trade delegation is paying an official visit to Saudi Arabia. During the trip, Henny Swinkels (Director Corporate Affairs) will represent the... More


Calfskin processor Oukro brings solar roof into use

With its 1,578 solar panels, Oukro has one of the largest operational roof-mounted systems in the Netherlands. More


The animal feed companies of VanDrie Group receive environmental certificate

The four animal feed companies of the VanDrie Group in the Netherlands recently received an environmental certificate. The companies (Alpuro, Navobi, Tentego and Schils) have been certified as compliant with the ISO 14001... More


The VanDrie Group partner in Oxfam Novib’s Ondernemers voor Ondernemers fund

Recently, The VanDrie Group, the global market leader in the field of veal, (calf) feed and calfskins, began supporting Oxfam Novib’s “Ondernemers voor Ondernemers” fund. In addition to realising its own objectives in the area of... More


Calfskin processor Oukro makes sustainability progress

Oukro is installing 1,578 solar panels and will have one of the largest roof mounted systems in the Netherlands. More


Fit Calf (Vitaal Kalf): a new quality system for the Dutch veal farming sector

Since 2017, the Dutch veal farming sector has been using a new quality system: Fit Calf (Vitaal Kalf). This system serves to replace the old IKB Veal chain system. More


Quality thanks to Tracking and Tracing

Our buyers have to be able to rely on the quality and safety of our veal products and we provide those guarantees by way of our quality system Safety Guard. It safeguards food safety, animal welfare, the responsible use of... More


Chain management: the foundation of success

The VanDrie Group is the global market leader in the field of veal, (calf) feed and calfskins. But this leading position didn’t just fall into their laps. Chain management within the VanDrie Group is the foundation of its... More


The VanDrie Group renews its CSR policy

Since 2006, the VanDrie Group has actively published the results of its Corporate Social Responsibility policy. A decade later, that policy is as solid as a rock. But this global market leader in the field of veal, (calf) feed... More


The VanDrie Group welcomes trade agreement with Japan.

EU agreement with Japan provides opportunities for veal sales. More


VanDrie Group serves veal burger breakfast to kick-off the Green Week

German Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture visits global veal leader at IGW More


Henny Swinkels Sixth in the AgriTop 50

Recently, the Boerderij trade journal published its annual AgriTop 50. This ranking classifies the country's most important agricultural administrators according to various factors, including the influence they have through their... More


The VanDrie Group fully adopts the COV's future ambitions

The COV (Dutch Central Organisation for the Meat Sector) has published a report detailing in broad strokes the future ambitions of the Dutch meat sector from now until 2025. Henny Swinkels, Director Corporate Affairs VanDrie... More


VanDrie Group launches JAN as first of its kind at Hanos

First JAN box hand over to Jan van Drie sr. (left) by Otto de Groot (right), commercial director Van der Zee.

New convenience brand becomes available for the Dutch foodservice market. More


VanDrie Group highest listed family company on Transparency Benchmark

VanDrie Group receives high national recognition for CSR policy.  More


JAN: the VanDrie Group’s new convenience brand

The VanDrie Group is committed to the growth of convenience products. Apeldoorn – At the SIAL international food exhibition in Paris, the VanDrie Group launched JAN, its new brand of convenience products. The brand includes... More


First Delivery of Dutch Veal to the USA

On Friday, a container of veal supplied by the VanDrie Group was released for export to the United States of America, in the presence of Euro commissioner Phil Hogan and Dutch Minister Martijn van Dam at the Port of Rotterdam. It... More

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