Corporate Social Responsibility

Within our core activities (the production of veal, calf feed and calfskins) we strive to create added value for our company, our employees, society as a whole and our stakeholders.

We add value to the calves produced by the dairy farming industry, we transform waste flows of whey from cheese production into calf feed, we use residual products from grain processing and oil-bearing seeds for feed mixes, and we invest in the processing of the manure produced by our calves and in the processing of calfskins for the leather industry. We feel that we, as world market leader, have a pioneering role. We want our company to continue to advance in a sustainable, socially and financially responsible manner.

Since 2006, we have presented the key developments related to Corporate Social Responsibility in an annual report each year. Transparency is the keyword. The various reports can be downloaded below.

Download CSR reports

  1. CSR report 2018

    Download the PDF below.

  2. CSR report 2017

    Download the PDF below.

  3. CSR report 2016

    Download the PDF below.

  4. CSR report 2015

    The Annual CSR Report 2015 is entitled “The Power of the Chain”. The report provides insight into the VanDrie Group’s value chain as well as the results and the organisation’s ambitions. Download the PDF below.

  5. CSR report 2014

  6. CSR report 2013

  7. CSR report 2012

  8. CSR report 2011

  9. CSR report 2010

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