Values such as commitment, an eye for quality and responsibility resonate strongly with the family business that is the VanDrie Group. This also means that we want to do business fairly and ensure that food safety and animal welfare are always taken into consideration. If you think, or know, that certain conduct within our chain is in violation of the law, our code of conduct or internal rules then it is important to report this. Always feel free to share your concerns with someone within the VanDrie Group. If you are unable to resolve the matter, or if you want to remain absolutely anonymous, you can use SpeakUp. Using this tool, you can make a confidential report in your own language. The tool is managed by a third, independent party. SpeakUp is available to all employees (both permanent and temporary employees) but also to suppliers, customers, transporters and veal farmers. The system is not meant for consumer complaints or other questions or comments.

SpeakUp is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If you work within the VanDrie Group then click here to go to the VanDrie SpeakUp system.
If you are a supplier, customer, transporter or veal farmer then click here.

Important information

- if your country is not included in the SpeakUp system then select the Netherlands to make a report;
- after making your report you will receive a personal code. Please keep this code safe. It is your personal access code to the SpeakUp system; 
- the policy is outlined in the SpeakUp reporting procedure;
- our guide for doing business fairly.

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