VanDrie Group present at International Green Week

The 85th International Green Week was opened in Berlin on Friday morning, January 17. Following its culinary campaign in Germany, The VanDrie Group will be serving the visitors of the fair dry-aged veal canapé


For one week, the VanDrie Group is presenting itself along with other leading Dutch companies and organisations at the Dutch pavilion during the Internationale Grüne Woche (International Green Week) in Berlin. The pavilion was opened by Federal Minister of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection Julia Klöckner and her Dutch counterpart Minister Carola Schouten.

What is the Green Week?

The International Green Week is a consumer trade fair in Berlin where international participants from the food industry and the agriculture industry present themselves.  The fair provides a platform for innovative developments in the area of food and agriculture. Germany is an important export market for Dutch companies. Dutch exhibitors can directly promote their products to consumers at the Dutch pavilion. In between tulips and Gouda cheese, the VanDrie Group demonstrates a product that is also very popular with German consumers: veal.

Plant Your Future

Every year, the International Green Week has a theme. This year’s theme is Plant Your Future. Minster Carola van Schouten is making out a case for cyclical agriculture. This is a system in which residual flows are used and nothing goes to waste, in order to contribute to a sustainable future. Monetising residual products from the dairy and food industries, amongst others, is in the DNA of the Dutch veal farming sector.

Nothing is lost during the processing of the calf. Not only veal is valuable, but calfskins are also processed by the leading fashion brands and can be found on the runway in the form of leather products. Parts of the calf that are not suitable for human consumption can also be found in medication, care products and animal feed.

Germany, an important sales market.

German consumers make high demands upon their food and ask for products that are produced with respect for people, animals and the environment. The VanDrie Group veal meets these customer demands. The VanDrie Group’s campaign in Germany focuses on aspects of sustainability as well as the versatility of veal. We put less traditional cuts in the spotlight by providing our own recipes and special preparation methods. This is all part of our commitment to using all parts of the calf, including the lesser known ones. This approach is working; the German share in the VanDrie Group’s sales has grown over the last years. The VanDrie Group will be serving the visitors of the fair dry-aged veal canapé.

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