This is who we are: Carola van Uffelen

The VanDrie Group employs people from all sorts of backgrounds, from all kinds of countries. This diversity adds shine to our company. We find this to be of value. We like to show you who the people behind the VanDrie Group are!


Anyone who visits the ESA office will notice immediately that Carola van Uffelen has a heart for hospitality. She speaks warmly with customers from behind the reception desk and her colleagues like to drop by to have a chat.

Carola (53) grew up in and around Rotterdam and Doorwerth in Gelderland. She used her social talents and drive in various front office, sales and catering industry jobs, including in Germany. At work she met Mark, who now works in the sustainable event business, with whom she cares for their boys Swen (19) and Tim (17). The couple used to run the bistro Uffie’s in Zutphen. In addition, Carola worked at the helpdesk of a hospital and as a receptionist at ESA through an employment agency, until the latter offered her a permanent, full-time position. And rightfully so, because she takes care of everything, from typing letters to booking business trips and hotels. ‘I feel at home,’ she says.

‘Our department is like a family. ‘I'm given plenty of freedom: they have faith in me.' – Carola van Uffelen

‘Now I have more peace of mind.’ And time for other things: Carola loves reading, preferably thrillers, photography and creating a cosy atmosphere in her home. She also experiences a homely atmosphere at work. ‘Our department is like a family,’ she says. ‘I’m given plenty of freedom: they have faith in me. Just do your thing and sort it out, they say. I like having people like that around me.’

About Ekro

ESA in Apeldoorn makes a broad range of veal products for many customers across the globe. These products find their way to wholesale, retail, food service and meat processing channels. ESA always puts the customer first and strives to provide consistent high quality. The company does this with Peter’s Farm, amongst others; the number one premium veal brand.

Working at VanDrie Group
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