Responsible Farming

The VanDrie Group is a partner of Vallei Boert Bewust. A network of farmers who are actively involved in animal welfare, the environment and energy consumption. We took a look at the Frens-Stijnen family’s veal farm, where ‘Responsible Farming' is actually achieved.


The VanDrie Group is a partner of Vallei Boert Bewust. This is a network of farmers in the Gelderland Valley, who make a special effort on social responsible farming and transparency in their day to day practices. The Gelderland Valley is a region in the central Netherlands where a lot of VanDrie veal farmers have traditionally been working. Companies within the network have official certification. This certification examines the way in which the companies seek to engage in social dialogue. 

Maximum score for animal welfare, energy and the environment

The company of Richard Frens and his wife Tineke Frens-Stijnen has been keeping calves for the VanDrie Group for over ten years and is a certified ‘Responsible Farming' company. The company achieved maximum scores in terms of animal welfare, energy and the environment during the certification process. The farm also has a strong focus on circularity. The manure is processed into manure pellets nearby. The stables and calf milk are heated by solar boilers and a pallet stove, so that Richard and Tineke no longer use gas. By using solar panels and a planned windmill, the company will soon be producing more electricity than it consumes. The Frens-Stijnen family is also committed to animal welfare. "Our approach has always been to produce as sustainably as possible. We are always looking ahead to what the next step might be", says Richard. The fact that the Frens-Stijnen family is constantly working on sustainability is obvious from their plans. "The next step, once the windmill is in place? An electric loader, then we'll no longer use any fossil fuels whatsoever." 

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