Continuous improvement: Tentego, still a major player after 60 years

Several feed producers are active within the VanDrie Group. Tentego, based in Mijdrecht, is one of them. Tentego has been producing calf feed for 60 years and is still a major player today. How is the company able to continuously improve?


Since its establishment in 1960, Tentego has been a valued and important partner for the supply of feed and related products for calves. How does a 60-year-old company remain a major player today?

Tentego is a specialist in calf feed. In recent years, the company has moved with the times and has also seen veal farming develop. Cees Bouthoorn, Head of production at Tentego, explains: “To produce for a developing market, you have to ensure that that your quality is in order. You also have to be able to keep improving”.

Changing environment
The entire feed package within veal farming has changed considerably in recent years. In the past ten years, for example, the percentage of fibre-rich roughage provided to calves has increased considerably. The roughage is rich in nutrients and minerals and contains more structure. This promotes a stable rumen. A population of rumen bacteria develops in this stomach of a calf. These bacteria influence the health of the calf. For example, butyric and propionic acid bacteria ensure the growth of rumen papillae. These papillae are essential for the energy and protein supply of a calf. The calf milk made by Tentego has also changed in recent years. It must be well matched to the increased share of roughage. Tentego ensures that the calf milk remains tasty and nutritionally of great value to a calf.

To produce for a developing market, you have to ensure that that your quality is in order. You also have to be able to keep improving. - Cees Bouthoorn

Theory and practice
To meet all the requirements that are set, Tentego is committed to innovation. Scientific insights go hand in hand with the company's 60 years of practical experience. For example, new recipes are continuously tested in collaboration with the Research & Development department of the VanDrie Group. Which has its own testing veal husbandry, ‘De Haar’, in Scherpenzeel for this purpose. New recipes can be a challenging puzzle: besides quality and food safety, return on investment also plays a role. After all, feed must remain affordable for customers. During this research process, the health and welfare of the calf is critically monitored at all times; a basic condition for good calf feed.

Reliable and Connected
In addition to supplying a high-quality product, service is of paramount importance to Tentego, for example through advice and guidance from its committed field staff. These calf specialists regularly visit veal farmers and combine their professional knowledge of the entire chain with practical know-how when providing advice.

Flexible and Passionate
The same passion and commitment can be found on the production floor. The factory is set up in such a way that (if necessary) another calf feed can be produced within a short period of time, without having to make concessions on quality, traceability and food safety. This makes Tentego unique in terms of flexibility. Cees Bouthoorn says: “We have a flexible organisation and feel completely connected with the calves and veal farmer. Although logistics are of course difficult, we are able to switch very quickly. In this way, we can proudly deliver our quality products!”

Whether it is the recipes that are tested, advising the veal farmer or producing a safe product, Tentego is continuously striving for improvement - every day for the last 60 years!

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