Collaborating with each other for a future-proof veal sector

As Quality Manager Rozenn Levèfre, is responsible for the food safety of the products at our daughter company Tendriade in France.


The VanDrie Group has daughter companies in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Italy and France. As Quality Manager Rozenn Levèfre, is responsible for the food safety of the products at our daughter company Tendriade in France. Besides that she ensures the quality management of the production chain.

How significant is the veal sector for French food production and foreign trade? 

“France is the second largest producer of veal in the world. The total number of veal farmers in France is estimated to be 6,000, half of which keep more than 50 calves per year. Tendriade exports about 10% of its products abroad.”

How important is CSR in France? And what do stakeholders expect from the VanDrie Group in this regard?

“Corporate social responsibility has only really been a topic of discussion in France for the past three years. We notice that there is a growing demand for improvements in animal welfare, reduced environmental impact and greater transparency. The future of our company and our position as market leader depend on our ability to respond to this. We need to offer the consumer transparency about our production methods and at the same time to work vigorously on sustainable development. In addition, we will have to market veal differently in order to appeal to new generations, for example by developing products that are easy to prepare. It is important for the VanDrie Group to continue to communicate properly about its promises in the field of CSR on the one hand, and for all companies within the group to address these objectives on the other. From raw material suppliers and veal farmers to transporters and slaughterhouses, everyone has to collaborate for a future-proof veal sector.”

How do you implement the VanDrie Group’s CSR policy at Tendriade?

In my job I ensure that all departments within our company – from R&D to marketing – are aware of our CSR objectives. I keep an eye on the social developments that are relevant to us and share these with my colleagues so that we can collectively consider points for improvement. At the same time, I report on this to the management team in order to support them in strategic decisions.”

What does the power of the chain mean to you?

“We are lucky to have a proactive and mature sector that is aware of the necessity to integrate social expectations in our production methods. Our chain is small, which enables proper management of the activities and obligations within the various links. In France, we have trade unions that organise work meetings about subjects such as food safety, legislation and regulations. Each link in the chain, from livestock farmer to processor, is represented during those meetings.”

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