A Deal’s a Deal

Hundreds of veal farmers in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Italy form the first link in our chain. Richard Frens is one of those farmers and talks about our cooperation.


In the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Italy, our veal farmers care for the calves in our chain with passion and dedication. We engage in partnership agreements with veal farmers, whom in practice we call ‘contract veal farmers’. It means that veal farmers receive delivery of calves and animal feed from us, while they provide for the day-to-day care of the animals. In all, the calves stay on a calf husbandry for approximately 27 weeks. Veal farmer Richard Frens is one of our ‘contract veal farmers’ and talks about how our cooperation works in practice.

There are all kinds of things that make it obviously clear that it’s a family business: lines are short and you’re not ‘just another supplier’.”

Richard, who has kept calves for VanDrie Group for more than ten years, emphasises the clarity in the cooperation. “As long as I’ve known the VanDrie Group: ‘A Deal’s a Deal’ There is a formal relationship, of course, but everything is always open and honest. They would never fail to honour an agreement, be it verbal or in writing.’’ The fact that the relationship isn’t limited to keeping calves is something Richard found out when his father passed away a year ago. “The sympathy of the people at the VanDrie Group was very touching; they came to visit us immediately the next day. It’s things like that which underscore the fact that social compassion is very important to the company.” Richard has expanded his farm in recent years. He emphasises the freedoms he has as a veal farmer: “Being under contract doesn’t mean that there’s only one way of doing things. I’ve noticed that if you want to try something new, then that’s fine. The people at VanDrie Group are always open to new ideas - within the norms of safety, quality and animal welfare, obviously. Those remain our number one concern, and ‘A Deal’s a Deal’ certainly applies on these points.”

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